Thursday, 16 April 2015


EnergyBinTM is multi-stage digestion system that converts bio-degradable waste into bio energy. This includes conversion of solid/wet bio-degradable wastes like food, industrial, animal and human waste into clean bio-gas, solid manure and liquid manure that can be used in agriculture, thermal and electrical applications. The entire set up is easy to install and operate. Its PORTABLE nature makes it a PLUG-N-PLAY plant; the first of its kind in India. It’s completely enclosed design makes it odourless, noiseless and aesthetically rich to suit modern residential, industrial, commercial and corporate facilities. The chamber for energy man is completely equipped with a control panel to monitor and set parameters. Its designed in a completely contemporary way.

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  1. EnergyBin is a low cost Indian biogas models available in India. EnergyBin is a MAKE IN INDIA product. EnergyBin can treat any type of biodegradable material and are available in 250 kgs - 2000 kgs per day treatment models/units.
    More details of this product can be available on and and also +91 9004689601