Sunday, 19 April 2015


One of the biggest dilemma that Indian gREntrepreneurship has been experiencing is the disconnect of talent with capital. While the start-ups in the IT sector have acclimatized themselves in bridging the gap, however, the same does not reflect adequately in gREen initiatives. Rest assured that  there is no apathy factor as such, the time is now to connect the two parallels.

Common Situation

This is best illustrated than explained. An average tech school graduate after working couple of years in average engineering company find out a technology that will make it possible to design and manufacture solar panels which will not only be smaller than the existing models but will generate 25% more electricity than the existing.

Does Buck Stops Here Or Its the Beginning?

Good idea, great technology and summarised in paper as hobby. But what next? Can we afford to let go of this into dustbin? Definitely not. But the reality shows something else, especially for those ideas that gets generated in non-metro brains. NO the buck does not stop here and its just the beginning if you know the right path. 

Corporatizing your 'RE'magination 

Before discussing the process of corporatization, lets understand why this is required. Going by the illustration, merely having the technology in mind is not enough, what is required is bringing that into practise and for that the person needs MONEY. Well at a stage when technology is at conceptual level, neither tried nor tested, you cant expect an IPO. Neither it is desirable to have a sole proprietorship concern which does not offer a seperate legal entity. So what is required is a comparative low cost yet manageable separate legal entity capable of being managed professionally.     

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