Saturday, 7 March 2015


SOLAR PV BIO-GAS PLASTIC RECYCLING AND INCENTIVIZATION coming together can give complete solution to solid waste issue of India and boost untrodden parts of SWACHH BHARAT MISSION. Here is how this can become a reality

·     There are 2 (two) sister companies i.e. one into bio-gas and the other into plastic recycling. They hold 2 parcels of adjacent land near national highway. The plants have just in case support from the rural grid.

·    Everyday employees of these companies visit the urban areas and BUY bio-degradable and plastic wastes from the residents.

·    The residents are paid at the rate decided between the local Municipal Corporation and Industrial Association to which these 2 (two) companies are members (e.g. Rs. 10/ for bio-degradable and Rs. 8/- for non-biodegradable, per K.G.)

·   The 2 (two) companies are saved from the headache of waste segregation as residents, in anticipation of money, already keep the wastes properly segregated.

·     Both the companies own 2 (two) captive solar parks. In addition, the bio-gas company has a gas turbine facility, a captive cattle shed and a chamber for rural sanitation sludge.

·    Bio-waste collected from the urban area, captive cattle shed and rural sanitation sludge are converted into bio-gas and purified. A portion of this gas is used to operate the gas turbine and rest of the gas along with bio-fertilizer are marketed. Further, milk generated from captive cattle farming is supplied to a local dairy company.

·  Electricity generated from the gas turbine is primarily supplied to the plastic recycling company on an arm’s length basis.

·     Plastic recycling company, using the gas turbine electricity as well as the one generated from its own solar park, meets its energy requirement and recycles the waste/discarded plastic/polymers in to marketable plastic products.

·   Since both the companies are situated next to highway, transportation is not an issue. Further, days when the companies are not working, electricity generated from the captive solar parks, gas turbines are supplied to the rural grid on net-metering basis which generates additional income for the companies.

·  Overall this will revolutionize SWACHH BHARAT MISSION into an INDUSTRIAL CAMPAIGN capable of strenthening the Indian Economy to a large extent.

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