Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Solar Energy Corporation of India (“SECI”), invites bids from the eligible bidders to participate in the Request for Selection (RFS) of Bidders for Design, manufacture, supply, erection, testing and commissioning including warranty, operation & maintenance of Roof Top Solar PV power system in selected States in India.

Main Bid Document: RFS No: SECI/Cont./SRT-IV-P1/74/2014 Dated: 27-02-2015 Link

First Amendment: Dated March 19, 2015 Link

Second Amendment: Dated March 24, 2015 Link

Last Date7th April, 2015 at 2:30p.m.

Bidder Format


1.1 GENERAL The Bidder should be either a body incorporated in India under the Companies Act, 1956 or 2013 including any amendment thereto and engaged in the business of Solar Power. A copy of certificate of incorporation shall be furnished along with the bid in support of above.


The Bidder should have installed & commissioned at least one Grid connected Solar PV Power Project having a capacity of not less than 50 kW which should have been commissioned at least six months prior to Techno-Commercial Bid Opening date.

The list of project commissioned at least 6 months prior to Techno-Commercial Bid Opening date, indicating whether the project is grid connected, along with a copy of the Commissioning certificate and Work order / Contract / Agreement/ from the Client/Owner shall be submitted in support.


The Bidder should have an Annual Turnover or Net worth as indicated below (i). the Annual turnover of Rupees 5.0 Crore per MW in any one of the last 3 financial years preceding the Bid Deadline subject to the condition that the Bidder should at least have completed one financial year. OR (ii). Net worth equal to or greater than the value calculated at rate of Rs. 3.00 Crore per MW of capacity offered by the Bidder in its Bid.

The Computation of Net worth shall be based on unconsolidated audited annual accounts of the last financial year immediately preceding the Bid Deadline. Share premium can be included in the Net-worth calculation in case of listed companies in India only. In case of more than one Price Bid submitted by the Bidder, the financial eligibility criteria must be fulfilled by such Bidder for the sum total of the capacities being offered by it in its Price Bid.

In case quoted Bid capacity is less than 1 MW, Annual Turnover/Net worth requirements shall be on pro-rata basis. The formula of calculation of net-worth shall be as follows: Net-worth = (Paid up share capital) + {(Free reserves - Share premium) +Share premium of listed companies)} - (Revaluation of reserves)-(Intangible assets) - (Miscellaneous expenditure to the extent not written off and carry forward losses).

For the purposes of meeting financial requirements, only unconsolidated audited annual accounts shall be used. However, audited consolidated annual accounts of the Bidder may be used for the purpose of financial requirements provided the Bidder has at least twenty six percent (26%) equity in each company whose accounts are merged in the audited consolidated accounts and provided further that the financial capability of such companies (of which accounts are being merged in the consolidated accounts) shall not be considered again for the purpose of evaluation of the Bid.

Bidders shall furnish documentary evidence as per the Format -7, duly certified by Authorized Signatory and the Statutory Auditor / Practising Chattered Accountant of the Bidding Company in support of their financial capability. 

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